I’m Simone Mudde (1989), a Dutch artist working and living in London where I just finished my Master degree at the Royal College of Art. For the past five years I've worked in close collaboration with Olivier van Breugel. More recently I started to re-explore my own practice again as well. On this website both my collaborative and my individual practice come together. 



Working and living in London

Royal College of Art London, Master fine art photography

School for Visual Arts New York, exchange

AKV | St. Joost Bachelor Photography

Nominations & awards

Paul Huf award, nominated 

Paul Huf award, Foam, nominated as collaborative with Olivier van Breugel

European Photography Award Prize, shortlisted

European Design Awards, Silver medal for Between Screens


The Royal College of Art Graduation Exhibition, 22 June-1 July

The Photographers Gallery London, i.c.w. The London Atlernative Process Collective

Prospects and Concepts, Art Rotterdam

Work in Progress show, Royal College of Art London

F-stop, Festival für fotografie Leipzig 

Quickscan #2, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

On the move, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Repetition as an ongoing state of change & reframing extant material, De drie heuvelen, Johan Deumens Gallery

Too Little, Too late, pop-up stand during Paris Photo

Don’t stay here, Photo Ville, New York (USA)

Etalage of ‘Het Martyrium’, Amsterdam

Hackney Wicked Art Festival, Londen (UK)

Selected for Plat(t)form by Fotomuseum Winterthur and received a star as an honourable mention for being “especially convincing” 

Selected voor Roy Kahmann’s playground, 1 year masterclass


Between Screens i.c.w. Olivier van Breugel / Design by Kummer & Herrman, Essay by Nicole Montagne. Published by NotAnother Publisher and printed by Rob Stolk

McHotel i.c.w. Olivier van Breugel / Design by Koen Geurts and Timothy Maurer. Self-published and printed by SMG

360º Tokyo /  Flipbook, self-designed

Camberwell College of Art, artist talk and student crits

Chelsea College of Art, Artist talk and student crits

Artist-presentation & portfolio reviews, AKV St. Joost

Image / text / print / screen, Met Jay Bolter, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Fotoboeken Marathon, Huis Marseille Amsterdam

VanGogh Talks, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

De Mus, Torpedo theater Amsterdam

Afdelingsdag Fotografie, AKV| St. Joost Breda

For Dissidents, a Phone Hack to Foil Spying Eyes: Cover the Camera, The New York Times

De Correspondent, Between Screens

Mister Motley, Paper Podium on Between Screens

Article by Ernst-Jan Pfauth on weblog, Between Screens

Bright.nl, Interview about Between Screens

Kunstuur, Photography-collector Hans Kemna on Between Screens

Stedelijk Museum, Video interview on Between Screens

De Volkskrant, Fotobos, review of Between Screens

Platform photography, interview on McHotel, edition 3

Fotofestival Naarden, festival guide

De Volkskrant, Naarden toont foto’s in nieuwe orde, review McHotel

BN de Stem, Naarden focust op buitenland, McHotel

AD, Picknick in Kabul and homeless people in VS, McHotel

Bart op het web, online exposition, Flowermarket

Mister Motley, Article in magazine and website on Flowermarket


Stedelijk Museum - Both McHotel and Between Screens publications are added to the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Moma Library – Both McHotel en Between Screens publications are added to the permanent collection of the Moma library in New York

Yale Art Library – Between Screens publication is added to the collection

New York Public Library – Between Screens publication is added to the collection

2011 / 2015

Multiple works of Between Screens, McHotel and Flowermarket are added to private collections

Stichting Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude, Study grant for my master study at the Royal College of Art London

Stichting Niemijer, Study grant for my master study at the Royal College of Art London

Cultuurfondsbeurs, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Study grant for my master study at the Royal Academy of Art London

Dr. Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds, Studygrant for my master study at the Royal Academy of Art London

Young talent stipendium, Mondriaanfonds